Master Mayhems' Exotic Menagerie

Coming Together

The group of adventurers arrived in Doverlynn. Meryx Nyxson and Miggins Wiggins Blinker Tinker were asked to come to the warehouse early and recieve the other invitees. The Minotaur Runepriest, Cassim Vendakar was the first to arrive, then came the Genasi Swordmage, Kaddim-sul. The last invitee to arrive was the Mul fighter,Riorn dom’Amnghe .

The group gathered and awaited their host, almost immediately they are met by a metalic and glowing woman identifying herself as the Lady Lucinda. “Is shiney, no?” was Riorns’ immediate reaction. Lucinda informs them that the Maniacal Menagerie, which was quite corrupt and broke, has been purchased. She asks that they act as her proxies as owners of the menagerie. She also informs them of their true goals, find and destroy all chromatic dragons and their eggs. Locate and arrest the movements of traders who are trading fertilized and near-to-hatching chromatic eggs. Locate and protect any Metallic eggs and metallic dragons. She is specifically charging the group to locate and rescue the dragons who are the Archons to Pelor and Correllon. They will recieve a monthly stipend of 4,000 gp a month, in addition to a share of any dragon hoards they liberate. (One share is reserved for Lucinda) She promises to send aide and to help the team as much as possible. She is limited in her movements due to other circumstances.

The team then meets the performers and workers of the Menagerie. Conflict is almost immediate with the fat lady, Marshalla; she also runs the “red light” brothel that travels with the group. Her aggressive and antigonistic manner rubs Kaddim-Sul and Cassim the wrong way immediately. She almost causes injury as she plops down on a seat that was already occupied by the barbarian half-ling Grunt. His impressive strength moved her aside. The team meets various members of the troup, and informs them (Meryx wearing the monicle that provides the appearance of “Master Mayhem”) that all illicit and underhanded activity is at an end. The show will provide entertainment in an honest fashion. They may all keep their jobs as long as they comply.

The new owners lead the menagerie on the road with Miggins driving his Whoosh Wagon in the lead. They come to Bors Crossroads. 5 other road diverge off of the Sionilli road. The learn from the farmer Bors that each road leads to a small village. “Undercliff”, “Wax Water”, “Joetees Well”, “Wat”, and “Zimt”. He allows the menagerie to set up one of his fallow fields and sends his sons off to each of the villages to announce the entertainment in the area. The team helps set up the menagerie for the first time.

A man trying to get rid of some merchandise his son traded his cows for came to the attention of Miggins Wiggins Blinker Tinker. He had 4 dragon eggs. The shells were unusual in color and configuration so Migs used a special magnifying glass given to him by Lucinda to determine they were black dragon eggs, on the verge of hatching. Migs gathered the team and with further questioning they found out the farmer got the eggs of a trader in Undercliff, name of Tollin.

The team found suitable personnell to continue running the show and hopped in Migs’ Whoosh Wagon and headed for undercliff.

They met a elderly man who claimed to have been cheated by Tollin and that he kept trying to trade “with these stupid eggs.” The team approached Tollins’ cabin to find it empty with shelves hurridly emptied and the back door left open. They followed a trail up the cliff and encountered a cave guarded by Kobolds. They defeated the Kobolds and proceeded in to the cave. Inside, instead of a cave they find an intricately tiled temple. The stench of rotting flesh was overwhelming. After being attacked by a few more bands of Kobolds, they found the source of the stench. A number of masticated and rotting human corpses hung from the ceiling. Cassim cut them down and Kaddim-Sul made a funeral pyre.

The team then entered further conflict with a pair of lizard-men and a couple dragonborn acolytes. During this battle groups of Kobolds kept entering and enhancing the conflict. Eventually due to the noise of the battle, through a shaft in the ceiling the green brood dragon, Monellith appeared and complicated the battle even more.
Grunt charged the dragon and was pull under her bulk as she tried to crush him. Meryx blew his guardian whistle and retrieved Grunt from her fury. However, Grunt healed as much as possible and charged in again. Again she pulled him under. This time it took combined efforts of Migs,Cassim, Riorn, and Kaddim-Sul to slider her off of Grunt. Meanwhile Kaddim-Sul took much damage from the acolytes, lizardmen, and the dragon. He fell unconsious. Meryx ran to his side and administered a potion of life so he could rejoin the battle.

Eventually the team slew all the combatants, collected all the brood dragons eggs, checked them and found a Cobalt egg and destroyed the rest.

Kaddim-Sul and Migs noticed a vulture acting strangely at the top of the shaft. Migs shot off a magic missle and killed it while Kaddim-Sul teleported to the top of the cliff. There Kaddim-Sul found dozens of vultures, one of them was acting even stranger than the one Migs shot. Cocking its head to the side as if listening, it took off. Kaddim-Sul’s knowledge of Arcana told him that this vulture was obviously a familiar, not a true natural beast.

The team joined back together and headed back t Bors’ field as the menagerie entered its’ evening entertainments. They found one woman who swears the gamesman cheated her out of her money, destitute and distraught, “Master Mayhem” refunded her money and Cassim and Migs vowed to watch the gamesman for dishonesty. Kaddim-Sul decided to take over the brothel as a couple customers got a little too rough with some of the girls. Marshalla apparently also got a little too “hands-on” with them, as Kaddim-Sul is now keeping an eye on her. Riorn performs his first “dancing bear” act. The team eats heartily as the show closes down for the night.



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