Meryx Nyxson


Meryx is a Gnome from the Island of Gnorithia in the Crystaline sea in the feywild. His father is the legendary Nyx of Aerospire. He is the 44th child of Nyx and his 8 wives. Meryx spent many decades studying sorcery from his Eladrin master Orthmonia.

One of Meryx’s many idiosyncrasies is his use of one word sentences. It has long been thought, by his family members at least, that he has a mental dysfunction. Truly it is the opposite, he chooses to speak in this manner to a; keep others at a distance, b; fool others into disregarding him.

Meryx has begun to gain notoriety as a caravan guard, he is called "Meryx “Wolf-rider.” His mount, the Dire Wolf, “Dusk,” is trained to respond in sign language and with specific taps, nudges and touches. This enhances Meryxs’ silent persona. Dusk is large enough to act as a mount for a human; therefore he is immense compared to Meryx’s diminutive size.


Meryx Nyxson

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