Silent, stoic Barbarian of the Deserts


Upon your arrival at the Menagerie you occasionally see a wild haired halfling with tribal tattoos, usually carrying heavy tools and building supplies. When you ask about him you find out he is part of the security and construction crew. When you ask who he is the only name anyone knows him by is, Grunt. Silly name, yet you wonder as you ask the obvious question, “Why do they call him, Grunt?” Which you receive a chuckle and “because that’s all he says,” becomes the most widely accepted answer you receive. The only thing you know for sure though is that of those who have come to work at the Menagerie before you, they all warn you to not get on his bad side. When Grunt gets angry… well lets just say, don’t get him angry.

Not much beyond that is known about Grunt, but of the times that you’ve had to interact he nods politely acknowledging your presence and grunts in curt responses.


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